Corrective Jaw Surgeries correct incompatibilities between the upper and lower jaws. A goal is to realign the jaws and teeth. Another goal in making these corrections is to improve facial structure and appearance. The medical name is Orthognathic Surgery. In addition to improving facial structure, these surgeries often are performed to improve airway and breathing disorders. These surgeries also often are performed due to biting disorders. Such biting disorders often are related to underdevelopment or overgrowth of one or both jaws. Jaw surgery may be a corrective option when jaw problems can’t be resolved with orthodontics alone.

Patients are prepared for surgery by orthodontic specialists. These orthodontists apply dental braces to prepare the teeth for surgery and make them compatible with each other. This treatment can be started from the age of 12 years once permanent teeth have emerged.

If the biting problem between the jaws is skeletal, that is to say if it is in the foundation of the bones of the jaw, this problem can be surgically treated. If the problem is only due to the position of the teeth, orthodontic treatment will be enough. The average duration of surgery is 3-5 hours. The whole operation takes place inside the mouth. Only a very small 2-3 mm incision is made to place the screws in the lower jaw (no visible scar). The hospitalization period is 2 days; the recovery period is about 3 weeks. For detailed information, please refer to the section on ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY.