Breast – Breast aesthetics play an important role for many women. The most important visual element of female sexual identity is the breast; it can be an important source of unhappiness when the woman doesn’t perceive herself as “beautiful”. Staying away from the opposite sex can create emotions such as loss of self-esteem or feeling incomplete. Cosmetic breast surgeries can be found in 1st place in the order of cosmetic operations in developed western countries whereas it holds 2nd place in our country after rhinoplasty.

Unlike other cosmetic surgeries, an important part of the patients who want breast aesthetics specifically states that they do not take into consideration the opinions of their spouses and their counterparts in this regard, which suggests that the operation will help increase their self-confidence and make them feel much better about themselves. In general, among patients who underwent cosmetic surgery, the rate of satisfaction with cosmetic breast surgery is higher than those with other cosmetic surgeries. The rate of satisfaction is even higher with breast augmentation surgery.

When looking at the cosmetic problems of women’s breasts in general, the following main headings are common.

1- The breast can be larger than normal according to the woman’s body structure and her height-weight.
There could be sagging, or not.
2- The breast could be much larger compared to the bodily structure, making it saggy and much lower than where it should be.
3- Breast development was not adequate in young adulthood and may have stayed much smaller.
4 – Although breast development was adequate in young adulthood, however a decrease in volume or weight loss reduced their size. In addition, sagging may or may not occur.

We examine these problems in more detail below.

Aesthetic Operations in Large Breasts – Breast Reduction Surgeries


The relative size of the breast depends on many factors. Racial, familial features as well as hormonal disorders, excessive weight gain, pregnancy are important factors. When the breast examination is performed, the deep structure, characteristics of the mammary glands( are they mostly filled with milk or fat ), pain, tenderness, sensation are evaluated. The main form of the breast, its projection, base width, nipple size and settlement, every asymmetry – inequality between the two sides is noted, while the characteristics are recorded as figures. In addition, whether there is a mass in the breast should be assessed both by examination and radiologically (ultrasonography, mammography, MRI in case of doubt).

Patients older than 18 years of age can be operated on if there is a major breast problem. Rarely, in special hormonal problems, breast reduction surgery can be performed at younger ages.

A systemic anesthesia assessment is performed before the surgery to determine if there is a significant inconvenience in the obstruction of the operation.