Category: Orthognathic Surgery

4 January 2018
Çene Cerrahisi

The operation performed to correct the incompatibilities between the upper and lower jaws is called corrective jaw operations. The medical name for it is orthognathic surgery. These surgeries are performed due to the biting disorders often related to underdevelopment or overgrowth of one of the jaws. Prior to surgery, orthodontic specialists must apply dental braces to prepare the teeth for surgery and make them compatible with each other. This treatment can be started from the age of 12 years once permanent teeth have emerged.

4 January 2018
Çene cerrahisi - kemal uğurlu

The face is one of the most important parts of the body in every respect. In addition to its basic aesthetic appearance, it is the region where many vital functions such as eating, breathing, speaking, mimicry, taste, feeling, etc. are made. Anatomically; we see that the upper and lower jaws cover two thirds of the face when we distinguish between upper (forehead), middle (upper jaw-cheeks) and lower face (lower jaw). Jaw bones; unlike other bones, they have teeth on them and are in close co-operation with them. Corrective jaw surgery is the department of surgery that covers all diseases such as congenital-developmental diseases and trauma-tumors of this region.

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