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2 4 January 2018
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Facial Rejuvenation

With aging, various changes can be seen on our faces just like in all parts of the body. Wrinkles, sun spots, droopy eyebrows, under eye bags, excess skin on the eyelids, sagging and loss of tissue on the cheeks, wrinkles and drooping on the neck are the most common problems.
The indication of aging in the face does not develop the same in everyone. It depends on many factors such as race, genetic-familial structure, climate-environment, facial skeleton and skin structure, weight-social life etc. For example, in people with white-skin-and colored eyes, the wrinkles in the middle begin to appear at an early age, while in dark-skinned people, the cheeks may sag at an early age. In Asian societies which have slightly underdeveloped middle face compared to the lower face, that is to say the cheekbones are not clear-the upper jaw is located a little behind; aging of the mid face and droopy cheeks are seen at early ages. As excessive weight gain and weight loss disrupts the elasticity of the skin signs of ageing can be seen at an early age.

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